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Llywelyn ap Gruffudd Memorial Stone

Cilmery, near Builth Wells
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Llywelyn ap Gruffudd remains one of the most important figures in Welsh history. He united all independent parts of Wales under his rule. Henry III acknowledged Llywelyn's supremacy and formally recognized him as Princeps Wallie (Prince of Wales) in 1267 in the Treaty of Montgomery.
Llywelyn's relationship with Henry's son and new king of England, Edward I, quickly deteriorated after a series of disagreements.Two devastating wars followed, in 1277 and 1282, culminating in the death of Llywelyn.
This stone monument stands close to the area where Llywelyn is thought to have died on I I December 1282. Fittingly, the stone comes from Snowdonia, the heartland of the princes of Gwynedd. It was erected in 1956, replacing an earlier memorial.
Photographer: John Crellin

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