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Burnet moth cocoon and spider nursery

Monmouthshire Wet Meadows

Nursery Web Spider, Pisaura mirabilis:

After mating, the female Nursery web spider lays her eggs into a silk cocoon which she carries around in her fangs. Just before the eggs hatch, she spins a silk tent (nursery web) and releases her spiderlings inside it. This tent offers them some protection for the first few days of their life. After their first moult they leave the tent. The female stays close to the tent until all the spiderlings have dispersed.
Photographer: John Crellin

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20 June 2014  
20/06/2014 09:40:04
1/250 sec - F/13
Focal Length: 85mm
Lens: 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 G VR
Exposure mode: Shutter speed priority AE
Metering: Multi-segment
Focussing: AF-C
Sensitivity: ISO 400
Exp. compensation: -0.7 EV
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