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Mizen Head Fastnet Display
Mizen Head

From the path down from the Visitor Centre.
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Replica at half size of the 20th course of the granite-built Fastnet Rock Lighthouse set in the ground; with two benches of full size replica building blocks.

The notice says:
Fastnet Rock Lighthouse
A replica of the 20th course of the granite-built Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, reduced to half size, has been laid out here in order to mark the centenary of the first exhibition of its light on 27th June 1904.
The two granite seats are full size examples of some of the interlocking stones used in its construction.
The tower was designed by Mr William Douglas, Engineer to the Commissioners of Irish Lights, and built under the direction of Mr C. W. Scott and Mr James Kavanagh who set every stone of the tower between 1896 and 1903.
In memory of those who built this masterpiece of lighthouse engineering for the safety of all mariners.
This plaque was unveiled by the Chairman of the Commissioners of Irish Lights, Mr F. J. Boland
Photographer: John Crellin

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